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Being able to live under the same roof with our group of boon companions is one of our bucket lists since young. Imagine coming back to a group of people whom we are genuinely fond of, we share the same interests and almost also opinions on similar topics thus the bond that maintains just as sturdy till this very day. We will forget the feeling of loneliness and despair if that were to transpire one fine day. While it is all fun and games living with your friends, there are few significant elements which you need to take into consideration for your very own betterment. Dutamas condo comprises all essentials you demand a standard living.

They Know Your Weaknesses

They say those who are more likely to bring catastrophe into your life are those who understand you from the inside out; they know what brightens you up and what offends you. They know best. Be it your closest family members, relatives, or friends, they are therefore capable of either making your life easier for you or tougher. Especially when you are both sharing similar rooftops. Be mindful of the people you put trust in if you were to move in together, whether or not they have been through all the ups and downs with you, one can never be too sure of another’s intention. 

It Is No Longer One-off 

Moving in together means seeing each other 24/7. You may enjoy hanging out with them all day long but starting a life together is a completely different phenomenon you need to deal with. There is a list of responsibilities in which both of you may need to share equivalent commitments like taking out the trash, sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning the toilets, washing the dishes, and other chores of suchlike. Suppose one of them does not bother doing it, you may find it tough confronting them because they are your best of friends and you do not wish to offend them in any ways possible. Going out for movies and shopping is all fun and games, till you need to deal with their somewhat irresponsible lifestyles. 

Bottom Line 

This article does not act as an obstruction to you moving into the same house with your companions; however, it acts as heads up in case there exist any red flags from which you need to stay away. Having friends who support you in both good and bad times is one of the keys to happiness, but we also need to look out for ourselves whether we are being treated the way we deserve to be treated. Suppose your group of friends are genuinely kind to the core, check out house for rent Dutamas for more information


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Suppose you are already in the final year of your degree, you may be looking forward to doing your internship sometime soon. Some of you may be excited to kickstart this very new journey of yours, some of you may be petrified, worried to be stuck on things that are out of your anticipation. Here is to rest assure you that an internship may be just the experience you need to open up to more opportunities in your life. Here are some reasons why industrial training practice is indeed exciting. 

You Are Exposed To The Industry

Provided you are not forced to pursue the course of study you are doing right now, being able to pursue a career of that particular course would definitely be one of your biggest dreams in life. To put this into perspective, suppose you are doing a graphic designing course, you may want to pursue that path for your future career. Who does not want to do something that is similar to what you learned back in university? Being able to do an internship allows you to obtain the first-hand experience of the industry of your future pursuit. Apart from studying theoretical information during university lectures, now you finally can put that knowledge into practical use. The tasks you are assigned might be completely different from what you have learned, and that is totally normal. This is because education does not cover all the things we face in life, thus one biggest flaw of a paid education. 

You Gain More Connections 

Pursuing an internship program allows you to expand your connections by getting to know people in your workplace including your employer, supervisor, and colleagues. It is a fairly insightful experience. Should you prove your worth and strength amid your internship period, the chances of your employer permanently hiring you is slim. Therefore, put in your utmost effort despite your position as a mere intern, work hard, and prove to everybody who you truly are. 

You Get To Go Out And About 

Some of us may already have a rental unit close to our university, so renting another one may not be very feasible. Therefore, we resort to traveling by public transport to reduce our budget. While you perceive that as a hassle, hold up. Being in public transports allow you to enjoy the scenery, and you may also jam to your favorite song playlists while on the train, how nice! You may also come across places you did not even know existed previously. Suppose you still find it necessary to move near to your workplace, you may check out a house for rent sunway damansara for more information.

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