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You must be looking for a place to rent since you are looking for ways for your move to be less stressful. Well, moving is indeed stressful and tiring, no matter the situation. However, there are ways so it will be at least less taxing. 

But before anything else, do you have a place to rent already? Have you found just the right apartment you can move into? Are you looking in Kuala Lumpur? Well, because this is the capital of Malaysia, the rent might be really high. Why don’t you check the gombak apartment for rent? This place is still part of Kuala Lumpur, but can be a distance, so the rent is of course less. 

If you are alone or there are just the two of you, feel free to check out the condo for rent Gombak as this is cheaper considering that this is smaller. But the good thing about a condo is that it is usually in the middle of everything or it is surrounded with relevant facilities like terminal, markets, diners, hospital, schools and so on. 

But then again, if you have a family with you, a gombak apartment might be the best option. This is usually an attached property that can accommodate 4 to 5 people comfortably. So, if you have 2 to 3 kids, this should be perfect. 

So, when you are done with the process of choosing a place to rent, what’s left will be is to start moving. How can you do this in such a way that you will not be too stressed? Here are some tips:

First of all, you have to accept that this task is really stressful, as what is mentioned above. Unless you will not take part of the move, you can never escape this. But our goal here is to at least minimize the stress. 

Allot enough time for this task. You see, what will double the stress is if you have limited time to pack and so on. Before your big day, you should already have packed little by little every day. You deal with those not easily used things, so you won’t be burdened even if they are already packed. 

As mentioned, you can do it little by little. Trust me, if you do it earlier than your scheduled move, it will even be fun! You can ask your kids to help you pack some of the things they don’t use often as well. You might even have a bonding time for this!

You should always be organized if you want to make sure that your move will be at least less stressful. You see, moving to your new apartment is just half of the process. The other half is arranging the things to their new location and if you are not organized, chances are this can take a lot of time.

Indeed, moving is an exciting activity, but without a doubt, this is also quite stressful. So, it is really all about your mindset in the end. 

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As the coronavirus takes over the world, everyone is struggling financially as they are stuck at home with minimal income. Even with the support of the government, most citizens continue to find difficulty in generating income especially for working citizens as working from home has hindered their work efficiency while their company is forced to adjust with the standard operating procedure, making some of their employees to work from home and potentially let go some of them as they could not afford to pay most of their employees appropriately as the country’s economy deescalates. 

Multi level marketing is a marketing strategy that, to put it in the simplest terms, pays people to sell the company’s products according to the sale they have made. It can be easily done by almost anybody even at the comfort of their home. This provides locked up citizens an opportunity to generate more money as a side job, but still requires a lot of attention as if they are working a full-time job as distributors are required to actively seek potential and interested consumers and are paid based on the number of sales they have made. During this pandemic, multi level marketing has seen an increased amount of distributors in the last 5 years as social media allows distributors to seek more consumers with more ease. But with so many distributors to keep track, how does a multi level marketing company keep track of all of them? This is where multi level marketing software comes into play as they offer services that makes their work and communication much easier. 

In order to test their legitimacy and compatibility, multi level marketing software is provided in the websites where the software can be obtained. This helps multi level marketing companies to find the perfect software that would suit their preferences before purchasing the software. Most companies prefer the ability to customize their user interface and widgets to help navigating between sections much easier which allows them to keep track of their distributors’ progress much easier. Some websites provide a list of multi level marketing softwares to help interested companies to read reviews that are left by users to ensure that the softwares is legitimate and trustworthy. If you do not know where to start looking, you can look up on some websites that provide a list of multi level marketing software that are available with some that have a feature that allows you to compare softwares. Additionally, the websites would include features, advantages and disadvantages to notify the users of the feature the software has before they can make their decision. 

Despite all of that, it is regrettable that multi level marketing is a dying industry due to incidents that it has caused by even some of the biggest multi level marketing companies like Amway, Herbalife and LuLaRoe. Both knowledgeable businessmen and victims are working together to form social groups in social media platforms to educate social media users about multi level marketing and help them to recognize jargons to fact check recruiters when they are approached by one of them.

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With the advancement of technology, video games are no longer bound to TVs and consoles as they are accessible through the computer and smartphones. Although it does not have a great variety of games, mobile games offer similar games that could provide entertainment for the interested players like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Mobile Legends offer beginner friendly and faster experience than their competitors on PC for players who are unfamiliar with MOBA games to enjoy with their friends. 

In recent years, a new form of gambling has been formed through video games in the form of “loot boxes” and “gacha”. These two new forms of gambling involve players to use in-game credits to perform a roll to get a randomized item or character. The difference between both of these is loot boxes tend to focus purely on cosmetics with a few exceptions while gacha plays an important role in the game as they contain characters, weapons and upgrades that could boost their characters and progress through the story with ease. Among the two, gacha games are considered to be the worst genre as players are forced to either rely on luck or spending money to get certain characters to progress through the story or to get the characters that are aesthetically pleasing to them. Although they implement a friend support system which allows them to borrow a character from your friend, the players have to wait patiently for when the rate-up of that character will appear again. Genshin Impact is known to have one of, if not, the lowest drop rate for their highest rarity characters sitting at a 0.6% and they compensate the players by giving them a five star at the 90th roll. Despite that, loot boxes have a more significant influence over games even on gacha games themselves as it is the genre that introduced battle passes that most online games are using. Battle passes offer rewards for players who achieve points by playing the game and completing certain tasks, but higher tier rewards can only be achievable by paying a monthly subscription which also offers a boost in progression. 

Some gaming companies would exploit loot boxes as a method of generating more income from their players. Electronic Arts, or EA, has been known for infamously using unethical business practices regarding loot boxes as instead of purely cosmetics, they locked certain characters at a very steep in-game price and forced players to pay money to pay loot boxes just to stand a chance to get these characters. Since they are the company that made the famous FIFA video games every year, they also implemented the same business practice into the latest FIFA games as well which is a different type of judi bola Malaysia players are expecting from. When they were summoned in court, they refuted by stating that loot boxes are “surprise mechanics” which stirred up more hate on the internet.

As video games start to become more popular, more video games will use these unethical methods to attract their players which could lead more children into unintentionally spending money into the games. Parents should start regulating the types of games their children are playing to prevent such cases from happening in the future.

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A clean home makes your mood a lot lighter compared to a messy house. The reason why you need to have a clean home because it is said that when our environment is dirty and in a mess, it affected our mental and emotional state, as well reflect the way we have been handling ongoing things in our life. That is why our moms would normally scream and shouting at us to clean up the house because they are literally affected by it. But right now I am not talking about the normal way of cleaning the house, I am talking about the things that need your attention more, and if you do not focus on these parts, it will generate many upcoming problems in the future. 

The first thing you should check out is your toilet. The toilet is known to be the dirtiest place in your house because we are using it to clean ourselves including defecating. Thus, making sure to scrub and clean the toilet floors. Make sure to grab all the fallen hairs at the drain to avoid blockage. Another thing is to clean the toilet bowl because it attracts germs and bacterias on the surface and can affect other people who will be using it.

The second thing would be your kitchen. The kitchen is not considered dirty, but we fully utilize it for cooking and baking. Sometimes in the process of cooking, the oil in the stove might splash on the floor and other parts in the kitchen. Another thing is, you might spill sweet substances on the floor or maybe on the cabinet in the kitchen that literally attracts ants. Maybe what you can do for your kitchen is by rearranging everything so you could see the place that you have missed to clean, you could also throw away onions and cloves that have gone bad so it does not leave any smells. 

 The last thing is to focus on the outside of the house. What you can do for your porch and the outside of your house includes washing your porch, gather all the dried leaves and throw them away. You can also clean up the drains around your house so you could make sure if it rains heavily, the water can flow through the drains smoothly without getting blocked. The same goes for the roof gutter, if you find any problems with it, you can easily contact Gutter Malaysia for the problems to be solved. Click here to read more articles.

In conclusion, a clean house is the only kind of home you should live in, with no other options. It is not only for outsiders to feel comfortable in our house but it is also for us to live mentally and emotionally happy rather than complaining and whining all the time. Nonetheless, you should get some help if you feel like the work is too much and you need some helpers, you can always call your siblings or friends and ask them to join you with the house cleaning. 

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Every individual is born with different personalities. It does not matter what kind of lifestyle they have, whether calm or energetic, what type of work they are hustling like being a trusted broker forex, or how their relationship with people around them. With Myers Briggs personality test, everyone can determine whether they are an introvert, an extrovert or a bit of both, also known as an ambivert. 

Extroversion is defined as a personality trait characterized by emphasizing external feelings rather than internal sources of stimulation, whereas introversion is a polar opposite of extroversion. These types of personalities hold a vast difference between them which makes it easier to distinguish them.

Here are traits to tell between an introvert and an extrovert:

  1. Introverts Loves Alone Time, Whereas Extroverts Loves Being With People

Introverts love their own company and enjoy being solitary, whereas extroverts need company and enjoy them more than anything.

Introverts are often seen in their own safe space with a good book or a peaceful nature walk to charge themselves up. They get exhausted after a minimal amount of social interactions and need to retreat to their solitude to reflect the day and have a good mental rest. Extroverts strike conversations like a flick on match. Compared to introverts, they socialize to charge themselves up. This proves that introverts have their me-time to recollect their thoughts whereas extroverts need an outlet to speak as a way to explore and organize their ideas.

  1. Introverts Prefer A Small Circle, While Extroverts Prefer A Bigger One

Introverts prefer to stay with the least number of friends, whereas extroverts love to be with people regardless of how many. 

When it comes to relationships with the people around them, the majority of introverts do not really enjoy a great deal of socializing and aim for ‘quality over quantity’ motto. Introverts prefer deep, long term relationships with people where they love a great deal of closeness and intimacy. They are very careful about who they choose to connect with and find importance in it. Extroverts are definitely a different world from introverts. They tend to have a wide circle of friends due to their ability to interact with people with no problem when it comes to striking up conversations. Moreover, extroverts really love the company of others and it is no surprise that making new friends are easy for them to do.

  1. People View Introverts As Reserved And Difficult To Approach, And Extroverts As Friendly And Crowd Pleasing

The common description people come up with when talking about extroverts are often the umbrella terms hovering above their heads, such as loud and love being at the centre of attention whereas introverts are quiet, reserved, mellow, and most mentioned, shy. 

People with introversion have a high sense of self awareness, therefore they think over their words carefully and do not prefer to spare time and energy for idle chit chat. People with an extroversion, however, love to interact with many people. They are easy to form relationships with because of their likable personality and approachable aura. 

If you are curious about what personality trait you have, you can try out the Myers Briggs Personality Test to find out your character in detail and accuracy.


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The cases of Corona Virus in Malaysia have arisen so bad that our country is one of the highest countries to have large numbers for Corona Virus. Although the government has announced the lockdowns and the restriction movements control so many times, most Malaysians are done listening because they do not see the outcome from it, the number increases day by day,  people and doctors are dying, there are not sufficient facilities to placed new patients fro Corona Virus is Kuala Lumpur. But people have learned so many things at home including buying things online. But what are the essential things we can buy online?

The first thing you can buy online is groceries. Normally we would buy groceries such as gluten free bread Malaysia products and also vegetables from supermarkets and morning markets because things are just fresh like that and we get to choose what we want. But now it is quite dangerous to go out, or even have physical interaction with anyone. Thus, many supermarkets have taken the initiative to have online shopping for groceries to ease their customers in making purchases and getting their groceries at home. Now, everyone can cook and explore their passions in cooking without having to go and buy groceries outside.

The second essential thing you can buy online from Shopee and Lazada, and probably other online platforms you can find in Malaysia is clothes and undergarments. The government did mention which sectors are allowed to working during this lockdown. Hence, although there are some stores that run like normal, most of them are closed because they do not want to take any risk, and I mean that is okay. But how about you? How are you going to get your clothes and undergarments, or maybe Lansinoh mother care essentials for people who are getting new baby, they must need new things for the mother and baby. 

Last but not least, while most people are busy painting and cooking, some of us like to do our own DIY, decorating their house and changing their furnitures. But most of the furniture stores are all closed? There are many similar decorations you can find on Shopee and Lazada, you can also check out the descriptions and reviews if you are scared of the results or if you thought they might be a scam. Most of the reviews are also reliable and true. Thus, I do not think you have anything to worry about on it. 

To summarize, the transformation of technologies in our country have, somehow changes the way we live and makes everything easier as well for us. If not, we would not be able to shop, getting groceries online, and it would definitely be chaotic without having online shopping during this pandemic. If you have not tried all these online shopping mobile applications, well you should Because you would definitely get addicted to eating and getting unnecessary stuff from it that might just make you look bored. Not to forget, online shopping gives your more reward and deals compared to other supermarkets. Read this article, if you are interested in the presence of the Internet.


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Coorporations – they’re everywhere! 

In this day and age, new businesses seem to crop up everyday. Everyone seems to have a drive for innovation, for creativity, for altruism – or perhaps just plain old profit-making depending on how you see it. And for any good business brand, there needs to be a really cool, really distinct logo; an identifying marker that will always brand them as them. With so many businesses in the world, there are an equal amount of brand logos – but some of them are far more well-known than others. 

Yes, indeed – some corporations have elevated so high in their global outreach and worldwide brand awareness that even something as simple as a vector design can be immediately associated with them. Their logos are so identifiable and well-known, that even a new logo made by the best branding agency in Malaysia will never be able to top their triumph. So if you’re curious as to what brand logos are some of the most recognizable out there, well – look at this list! 

Here are 4 of the most well-known brand logos in the world! 

1. McDonalds Golden Arches 

Who doesn’t recognize these famous golden arches? 

The McDonalds logo is an incredibly simple one – two golden arches set side by side to each other, often against a bright red background, to resemble a curly M. But despite it’s simplistic nature, the logo is easily identifiable as one of the most well-known brand logos in the world – wherein just looking at it will immediately bring to mind a tray full of fries, nuggets, and a delicious Big Mac. With thousands of outlets strewn all over the world, it’s a high chance that no one hasn’t seen these golden arches at least once – easily topping any and all branding in Malaysia

2. Starbucks Lady 

The Lady in the Starbucks logo is another immensely popular logo in the entire world, hailing as it does from one of the top coffee cafe franchises on the globe. Despite this fame, however, her origins are quite a mystery for those who are immediately curious – who is this Starbucks Lady? Why does it look like she has two tails? And how did she come to represent a brand of coffee? 

Turns out, the Starbucks lady is actually a siren; inspired by a sixteenth century twin-tailed siren from Norse myth that the branding agency later adapted into a logo. This explains her flowing hair, her alluring smile, and the two tails she grasps within her hands. Still, it does little to change that this lady, whoever she may be, is still easily one of the most easily identifiable brand logos in the world. 

3. KFC Colonel Sanders 

This apron-clad, smiling old man has easily become the symbol of fried chicken everywhere and anywhere. The logo for the immensely popular fast food chain KFC, which specializes in fried chicken, Colonel Sanders was inspired by the visage and name of the original KFC founder – namely, the late Colonel Harland David Sanders

Best known for his swept white hair, crinkled eyes, red apron, and a smile flanked by a white mustache and goatee, Colonel Sanders has been welcoming patrons to his establishment long after he had passed – immortalized forever as the logo of the company he had founded. 

4. Coca Cola Font 

Much like the McDonalds logo, the coca cola logo is a relatively simple one as well – simply the name ‘Coca-Cola’ rendered in a classy, curlicue font known as ‘Spencerian script’. The coca-cola words are usually rendered in red and white, with a curled streak running across the bottom to resemble the water level of a coca-cola drink. 

Since it’s establishment in 1886, coca-cola has since become one of the biggest and well-known names in the soft drink industry. This, in turn, rocketed it’s logo up in fame as well; and now everyone can very easily identify the curls and sweeps of the coca-cola logo and it’s incredibly distinctive color scheme and font. 

There are a ton of corporations out there, all headed by their own distinctive logos. The more successful and well-known the brand, the more typically well-known their logo – and these 4 examples certainly demonstrate that. After all, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t recognize at least one logo from this list!  

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