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Fiber-optic Internet, more commonly referred to as fiber Internet or just “fiber,” use to be a broadband connection that might reach speeds of up to 940 Mbps (Megabits per second), with little delay. The technology makes use of fiber optic cable that can surprisingly send data at a speed of approximately 70% the light speed. Additionally, fiber optic cables happens not to be as susceptible to harsh weather conditions as other traditional cable types, minimizing service interruptions. They also resist electrical interference more effectively.

Fiber is ideal for multiple users to connect to multiple devices at the same time. With tm unifi Fiber service, you can:

  • Upload and download files quickly
  • Enjoy lag-free online games and video chat with friends and family
  • Back up your hard drive to the cloud, including heavy photos and videos, in minutes instead of hours

Download a 2-hour HD movie in a few seconds, compared to waiting 30 minutes or more with a traditional 20 Mbps internet service

How does fiber optic Internet work?

The fiber optic Internet is a complex technology that allows the transmission of information in the form of light, rather than electricity. Many components make up this advanced technology, but two of the main ones ayre fiber optics and what is called the “last mile” of the fiber optic network.

Optical fibers

Optical unifi pakej fibers are tiny, about 125 microns in diameter or just slightly larger than a human hair. Many of these fibers are grouped together for forming cables (not to be disordered with coaxial cables, which use to be made of copper). Optical fibers conduct beats of laser or LED light down the line, conveying info in “binary” form, alike to the 0’s and 1’s used in microchip technology.

How does fiber optics differ from other types of the Internet?

The main difference is that fiber optics do not use electrical current like other types of Internet connections. It uses light, which is transmitted through the core of the optical fiber.

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The structural dependability of the whole building and the microclimate in it straight depends on the roof condition. This protective component of the structure use to be exposed to atmospheric effects constantly, which often reasons mechanical damage and corrosion. Even the smallest repairs to an operating roof must be carried out on time so as not to bring problems to a state where a complete replacement of the roof structure is required.

One of the most unfriendly situations that arise at the time of the process of a building used to be the necessity for emergency repair of the roof. Let’s see how to avoid it together.

Inspection of the roof of the building

Periodic inspection of the roof allows you to detect and eliminate possible problems in a timely manner. Based on its results, a technical assignment for the repair of the roof can be drawn up. The survey must be carried out 2-4 times a year, as well as immediately after installing the roof and on the eve of major repairs.

The inspection of a pitched roof comprises the following kinds of work:

  • Identification of mechanical, biological and corrosion damage to rafters;
  • Assessment of the temperature of structural essentials;
  • Purpose of moisture gauges of wooden essentials;
  • Valuation of the technical state of the roofing.

Inspection of a flat roof is, initially, a study of waterproofing coating:

Assessment of the places where the waterproofing adjoins to the vertical elements of the roof – exhaust pipes, parapets, TV antennas, roof exits, ventilation shafts;

Checking the tension of the application of waterproofing resins.

Roof maintenance

Upon completion of construction and commissioning of the roof, the maintenance of the structure should be resolved. Maintenance, in addition to routine inspections by roof repair Malaysia, comprises work on cleaning its surface from pollution and snow, as well as unscheduled and planned repairs.

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