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Coorporations – they’re everywhere! 

In this day and age, new businesses seem to crop up everyday. Everyone seems to have a drive for innovation, for creativity, for altruism – or perhaps just plain old profit-making depending on how you see it. And for any good business brand, there needs to be a really cool, really distinct logo; an identifying marker that will always brand them as them. With so many businesses in the world, there are an equal amount of brand logos – but some of them are far more well-known than others. 

Yes, indeed – some corporations have elevated so high in their global outreach and worldwide brand awareness that even something as simple as a vector design can be immediately associated with them. Their logos are so identifiable and well-known, that even a new logo made by the best branding agency in Malaysia will never be able to top their triumph. So if you’re curious as to what brand logos are some of the most recognizable out there, well – look at this list! 

Here are 4 of the most well-known brand logos in the world! 

1. McDonalds Golden Arches 

Who doesn’t recognize these famous golden arches? 

The McDonalds logo is an incredibly simple one – two golden arches set side by side to each other, often against a bright red background, to resemble a curly M. But despite it’s simplistic nature, the logo is easily identifiable as one of the most well-known brand logos in the world – wherein just looking at it will immediately bring to mind a tray full of fries, nuggets, and a delicious Big Mac. With thousands of outlets strewn all over the world, it’s a high chance that no one hasn’t seen these golden arches at least once – easily topping any and all branding in Malaysia

2. Starbucks Lady 

The Lady in the Starbucks logo is another immensely popular logo in the entire world, hailing as it does from one of the top coffee cafe franchises on the globe. Despite this fame, however, her origins are quite a mystery for those who are immediately curious – who is this Starbucks Lady? Why does it look like she has two tails? And how did she come to represent a brand of coffee? 

Turns out, the Starbucks lady is actually a siren; inspired by a sixteenth century twin-tailed siren from Norse myth that the branding agency later adapted into a logo. This explains her flowing hair, her alluring smile, and the two tails she grasps within her hands. Still, it does little to change that this lady, whoever she may be, is still easily one of the most easily identifiable brand logos in the world. 

3. KFC Colonel Sanders 

This apron-clad, smiling old man has easily become the symbol of fried chicken everywhere and anywhere. The logo for the immensely popular fast food chain KFC, which specializes in fried chicken, Colonel Sanders was inspired by the visage and name of the original KFC founder – namely, the late Colonel Harland David Sanders

Best known for his swept white hair, crinkled eyes, red apron, and a smile flanked by a white mustache and goatee, Colonel Sanders has been welcoming patrons to his establishment long after he had passed – immortalized forever as the logo of the company he had founded. 

4. Coca Cola Font 

Much like the McDonalds logo, the coca cola logo is a relatively simple one as well – simply the name ‘Coca-Cola’ rendered in a classy, curlicue font known as ‘Spencerian script’. The coca-cola words are usually rendered in red and white, with a curled streak running across the bottom to resemble the water level of a coca-cola drink. 

Since it’s establishment in 1886, coca-cola has since become one of the biggest and well-known names in the soft drink industry. This, in turn, rocketed it’s logo up in fame as well; and now everyone can very easily identify the curls and sweeps of the coca-cola logo and it’s incredibly distinctive color scheme and font. 

There are a ton of corporations out there, all headed by their own distinctive logos. The more successful and well-known the brand, the more typically well-known their logo – and these 4 examples certainly demonstrate that. After all, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t recognize at least one logo from this list!  

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