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While the majority is financially capable to set up an establishment of their own with little to no intervention, the truth, however, proves that not everyone is sufficiently competent to maintain their venture on permanent terms. This justifies the phenomenon where many businesses face their respective downfall before they even begin to flourish. Starting up a business is simple, but maintaining it is what requires a greater amount of effort and courage. Suppose you are in search of initiating a venture you have long been yearning towards, here are some entrepreneurship skills preferably for you to master before that very significant kickstart. 

Budget Management 

It is of paramount priority for entrepreneurs to be equipped with this precise skill because the budget is one of the benchmarks keeping the business running. While there are multiple dimensions that require budget allocation, business owners must be fairly vigilant with their spendings because nobody wishes to over exceed their budget which could have been utilized for other important segments of the venture. 


One of the motives behind your fondness in business may be the fact that you do not have to work for other people, and now that you have a team of people working for you, it is important that your presence is there to keep them supervised. Having people striving for your business and leaving them to work it out on their own are two different things. It is important that you provide your team with proper guidance in every possible step to prevent any mistakes from arising. At the very end of the day, this venture belongs to you, there may be a team of loyal employees working for you to attain goals, but you are the one this business is tightly gripping onto. Be there not only when they need you, but most of the time to keep track of your business’ growth, what it requires and what it rejects. 

The Passion To Lifelong Learning

Just because you are the gatekeeper to your venture, that does not make you the smartest in the workplace. When suggestions are given by employees, lower down your ego and take that into consideration because the dream team makes the dream work. Apart from that, learning is harmless, you may already be smart enough in a particular subject matter such as psv vessel Malaysia in the very industry of marine solution, but bear in mind that knowledge is endless. A successful entrepreneur holds the habit of acquiring knowledge on a regular basis and the desire to learn more for the betterment of not only him or herself but the business as a whole. 

Bottom Line 

Before allocating your budget and energy to starting up a venture, internalize these skills and question your own capability. Because once the operation has begun, the work is endless, it is no longer a one-time thing but perpetual. 


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As one pursuing a communication degree in my higher institution, I apprehend best the stigmas the society has initially set upon individuals undertaking communication as university majors or even professions simply because it allegedly involves the less cognitive ability for not being a part of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) spectrum. This very field of interest has largely been undervalued and diminished for as long as I can remember, but little did the society know the essentiality of this precise industry is when it comes to giving significant contributions to the globe.


First, we all require news to be updated on fresh happenings both domestically and internationally, and who do you think are the ones going out of the way to make sure you stay aware of transpiring events; who do you think are the ones transforming visuals into words to ensure smooth comprehension across readers of whom possess a distinct level of language proficiency; and who do you think are the ones making sure what you decipher is credible and trustable to be further distributed to wider audiences. These are merely job dimensions with regards to the journalism field, and the career opportunities available within this massive communication umbrella are significantly wide to an extent with different job dimensions demanded. Suppose you are part of the family, welcome aboard and this article aims to guide you through your job-seeking journey. 


The terminology itself is simply too vague to represent the available job dimensions within its spectrum. Journalism is the process of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information for the public’s awareness; and is divided into various aspects including but not limited to journalist, reporter, editor, public relations manager, and so on in which are assigned individual tasks. Journalists are in charge of researching and writing news articles which are then passed over to the news editor for perusal purposes prior to the publication. Editors’ obligation to scrutinize written articles is significantly crucial as no news agencies wish to mislead their readers over a small mistake depicted. Suppose you lack fondness overwriting, you may need to utilize your speaking and presentation skills by being a news anchor. Not only that, you get to increase your exposure over time for being in front of the broadcast, viewers get to know about you. Fret not if you are poor in presenting information impromptu because scripts are provided by the crew. If these job dimensions align with your passion, you may need to start looking into it. 

Digital Marketing 

Do not get struck by the term “digital” as it has nothing to do with computer science or information technology, perhaps the bare minimum may be involved. Digital marketing too involves numerous sub-dimensions, a few of which being SEO, social media, advertising, copywriting, and content writing. Each has its own assigned task that varies from one another, but the sole purpose here is to increase brand awareness. If you are fairly competent with making full use of the internet and social media, you may want to look into seo company malaysia and relevant digital marketing agencies who provide social media operating and managing services for their clients. Many huge corporates are simply too packed to multitask between their commitments and marketing thus collaborating with these external agencies to help create wonders. Suppose SEO is unfamiliar to your ears, it is none other than the practice of boosting the quality and quantity of website traffic, along with brand exposure through organic search engine results. This can be done through researching keywords that will most likely be utilized by the public when searching on particular goods and services, or simply the words that are put within the search bar. 

Copywriting and content writing, on the other hand, appear to be somewhat similar but largely vary. Copywriting refers to constructing taglines in the most precise yet creative way to capture the attention of the intended market without requiring too much of their time, even as short as skimming through a particular tagline makes it feasible for them to retain the company presence in their mind. Content writing on the other side may require you to write slightly lengthier compared to the former. You write articles of which topic either based on your own intent or upon instructions. Writing grants those who are fond of this activity the platform to avail themselves of their wide vocabulary bank and unleash their grammatical competence to form sophisticated sentences. 


This is to those who have little to no issues speaking on a live broadcast. You can either be a TV host or a radio broadcaster depending on your preference, though both allow you to gain fame over time. One thing you must be equipped with to be part of this category is the capability to create an upbeat atmosphere to attract viewers or audiences. Suppose you are awkward in holding conversations, this may not be the most suitable career for you unless you are willing to practice from now on. Apart from that, you must be able to comfortably engage with your audience whose presence is not in a similar spot as yours. In this very circumstance, you must pretend as if they are there in front of you and interact with them as usual but without direct response. 

Long Story Short

These are merely three career opportunities with regards to the communication industry in which numerous have yet to cover. Bear in mind that the communication field is relatively wide, and you are to identify your skills and talents prior to looking for jobs that are most suitable of yours. You do not wish to be undertaking tasks that you have little to no passion for. You may be demotivated along your way of pursuit, but that is one preconceived notion we as communicators need to debunk. We need to stand sturdy as one to prove society wrong. We prove to them whereby in our absence, there are things that may go sideways. 

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Being able to live under the same roof with our group of boon companions is one of our bucket lists since young. Imagine coming back to a group of people whom we are genuinely fond of, we share the same interests and almost also opinions on similar topics thus the bond that maintains just as sturdy till this very day. We will forget the feeling of loneliness and despair if that were to transpire one fine day. While it is all fun and games living with your friends, there are few significant elements which you need to take into consideration for your very own betterment. Dutamas condo comprises all essentials you demand a standard living.

They Know Your Weaknesses

They say those who are more likely to bring catastrophe into your life are those who understand you from the inside out; they know what brightens you up and what offends you. They know best. Be it your closest family members, relatives, or friends, they are therefore capable of either making your life easier for you or tougher. Especially when you are both sharing similar rooftops. Be mindful of the people you put trust in if you were to move in together, whether or not they have been through all the ups and downs with you, one can never be too sure of another’s intention. 

It Is No Longer One-off 

Moving in together means seeing each other 24/7. You may enjoy hanging out with them all day long but starting a life together is a completely different phenomenon you need to deal with. There is a list of responsibilities in which both of you may need to share equivalent commitments like taking out the trash, sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning the toilets, washing the dishes, and other chores of suchlike. Suppose one of them does not bother doing it, you may find it tough confronting them because they are your best of friends and you do not wish to offend them in any ways possible. Going out for movies and shopping is all fun and games, till you need to deal with their somewhat irresponsible lifestyles. 

Bottom Line 

This article does not act as an obstruction to you moving into the same house with your companions; however, it acts as heads up in case there exist any red flags from which you need to stay away. Having friends who support you in both good and bad times is one of the keys to happiness, but we also need to look out for ourselves whether we are being treated the way we deserve to be treated. Suppose your group of friends are genuinely kind to the core, check out house for rent Dutamas for more information


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Suppose you are already in the final year of your degree, you may be looking forward to doing your internship sometime soon. Some of you may be excited to kickstart this very new journey of yours, some of you may be petrified, worried to be stuck on things that are out of your anticipation. Here is to rest assure you that an internship may be just the experience you need to open up to more opportunities in your life. Here are some reasons why industrial training practice is indeed exciting. 

You Are Exposed To The Industry

Provided you are not forced to pursue the course of study you are doing right now, being able to pursue a career of that particular course would definitely be one of your biggest dreams in life. To put this into perspective, suppose you are doing a graphic designing course, you may want to pursue that path for your future career. Who does not want to do something that is similar to what you learned back in university? Being able to do an internship allows you to obtain the first-hand experience of the industry of your future pursuit. Apart from studying theoretical information during university lectures, now you finally can put that knowledge into practical use. The tasks you are assigned might be completely different from what you have learned, and that is totally normal. This is because education does not cover all the things we face in life, thus one biggest flaw of a paid education. 

You Gain More Connections 

Pursuing an internship program allows you to expand your connections by getting to know people in your workplace including your employer, supervisor, and colleagues. It is a fairly insightful experience. Should you prove your worth and strength amid your internship period, the chances of your employer permanently hiring you is slim. Therefore, put in your utmost effort despite your position as a mere intern, work hard, and prove to everybody who you truly are. 

You Get To Go Out And About 

Some of us may already have a rental unit close to our university, so renting another one may not be very feasible. Therefore, we resort to traveling by public transport to reduce our budget. While you perceive that as a hassle, hold up. Being in public transports allow you to enjoy the scenery, and you may also jam to your favorite song playlists while on the train, how nice! You may also come across places you did not even know existed previously. Suppose you still find it necessary to move near to your workplace, you may check out a house for rent sunway damansara for more information.

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We all remember our first big move into a new apartment. It is an overwhelming process but an exciting one. Your first apartment, own kitchen, and a place to build your dreams. Your first bedroom away from your familial home can hold a lot of precious memories.

From your late-night studies to the first working job, this is where you experience it all. It is crucial and important your room speaks some personality and matches you. A beautiful room at the end of a long, hard day can be enough to cheer you up. 

Oftentimes, our first room is not that luxurious or huge. We can’t afford the top interior design companies in Malaysia to be our assistant (but they can truly transform it, of course) But a compact space does not make designing it impossible. While it is challenging, it is pretty feasible to spruce it up to perfection. You can bring any sort of mystique or vibe to the room depending on you want to decorate it. 

  1. Adorn With Wall Art 

Art is subjective. It can be anything you want. A macrame wall hangers, magazine papers made into a scrapbook, collage of your friends, Pinterest findings up on the wall, or locally made paintings, choices are endless. They can bring a piece of color to your walls and make your room more vibrant. It will keep you engaged and happier as well.  Paintings and posters in different settings and different corners can truly be a hint of transformation. 

  1. Statement Lamp And Mirror 

Mirrors can reflect light. That’s science, right? The reflection of light can brighten up your room and make it seem brighter than usual. Strategic styling with a mirror can bring the vibrance of the room up a notch. Mirrors come in different forms. From a rectangle shape to a cloud shape, you have endless options of mirrors to choose from. Two to three different mirrors in various locations can make the difference you need.

Besides mirrors, another piece of furniture we can use as a statement piece in our room is a Lamp. Keep it minimal or make it extravagant. It is completely up to your taste and style.  A lamp, like mirrors, brightens up your room (Literally). 

  1. Plants, And More Plants 

Plants add greenery and life to your dark cold room. Plants were the rage of 2020, and it still is the rage. People stuck in the pandemic turned to plants to lighten up the room and make it feel more welcoming. Plants by your bedside and on your study table can give a feeling of liveliness. Be careful of your collection of candles as you situate the plant. Whether it is fake plants or real plants, they can all make simple transformations that are much needed. 

  1. Patterned beddings 

Whether it is colorful and embroidered pillows paired with a monochrome bedding set or a patterned duvet with plain pillows. Patterns, colors, and embroidery pops up your bedroom. They say that darker and colorful hues will turn away the eye from the size of the room. It serves its purpose as a distraction to the world. 

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As technology starts to advance in recent years, social media apps have become important platforms for people to interact with each other over long distances. With no sight of COVID-19 ending anytime soon, these social media apps have gained an even more prominent role than before as some people are using these apps to extend their help and services to others nearby who cannot perform tasks on their own. With so many social media apps being created left and right, surely some apps like Facebook will not be the only social media platform that every country uses right? 

Well, the best social media companies Malaysia are Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger as most older Malaysians use these social media apps to communicate and post pictures of food and status to keep their friends up-to-date on their current situations while searching for community pages to socialize with other members. Despite Facebook Messenger not considered as its own social media platform, Facebook forces their users to download it on their smartphones as they would otherwise could not communicate with their friends on Facebook if they do not have the app installed. TikTok is also another app that is gaining more usage recently as it works similar to Instagram with users being able to create video content with filters and post it on the platform. However, TikTok has its own unique niche that allows it to stand out from the rest as in some cases, TikTok videos have become a meme that will be used throughout other social media apps. But, it also gained a decline in its reputation due to their private data security being flawed and exposing many of its users’ data to hackers.

Besides that, Japan has its own top social media companies that are different to other countries. As Japan is known for being more conservative than other countries, they do not use social media apps like Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat. They instead use Twitter, Pixiv and Instagram as the alternative to post content. Japan is also known for its animation, or anime, throughout the world such as One Piece, Naruto and Megaman which makes Japan a popular country for virtual art and they would use these social media apps to post arts more often. Additionally, they use their own social messaging app called LINE which functions similarly to WhatsApp with the exception of LINE users having access stickers from popular anime series.

Overall, social media apps can be influenced by the country’s culture as it will affect which social media apps will be used the most in the country. For example, despite WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE and WeChat being available worldwide, WhatsApp is the top most used social messaging app as it is easy to use and more used by others for family and education purposes. However, its service might come to an end when its competitors create features to overtake its lead and become more widely used. No matter how popular a social media app is, it will eventually get taken over by another but only time can tell.

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You must be looking for a place to rent since you are looking for ways for your move to be less stressful. Well, moving is indeed stressful and tiring, no matter the situation. However, there are ways so it will be at least less taxing. 

But before anything else, do you have a place to rent already? Have you found just the right apartment you can move into? Are you looking in Kuala Lumpur? Well, because this is the capital of Malaysia, the rent might be really high. Why don’t you check the gombak apartment for rent? This place is still part of Kuala Lumpur, but can be a distance, so the rent is of course less. 

If you are alone or there are just the two of you, feel free to check out the condo for rent Gombak as this is cheaper considering that this is smaller. But the good thing about a condo is that it is usually in the middle of everything or it is surrounded with relevant facilities like terminal, markets, diners, hospital, schools and so on. 

But then again, if you have a family with you, a gombak apartment might be the best option. This is usually an attached property that can accommodate 4 to 5 people comfortably. So, if you have 2 to 3 kids, this should be perfect. 

So, when you are done with the process of choosing a place to rent, what’s left will be is to start moving. How can you do this in such a way that you will not be too stressed? Here are some tips:

First of all, you have to accept that this task is really stressful, as what is mentioned above. Unless you will not take part of the move, you can never escape this. But our goal here is to at least minimize the stress. 

Allot enough time for this task. You see, what will double the stress is if you have limited time to pack and so on. Before your big day, you should already have packed little by little every day. You deal with those not easily used things, so you won’t be burdened even if they are already packed. 

As mentioned, you can do it little by little. Trust me, if you do it earlier than your scheduled move, it will even be fun! You can ask your kids to help you pack some of the things they don’t use often as well. You might even have a bonding time for this!

You should always be organized if you want to make sure that your move will be at least less stressful. You see, moving to your new apartment is just half of the process. The other half is arranging the things to their new location and if you are not organized, chances are this can take a lot of time.

Indeed, moving is an exciting activity, but without a doubt, this is also quite stressful. So, it is really all about your mindset in the end. 

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As the coronavirus takes over the world, everyone is struggling financially as they are stuck at home with minimal income. Even with the support of the government, most citizens continue to find difficulty in generating income especially for working citizens as working from home has hindered their work efficiency while their company is forced to adjust with the standard operating procedure, making some of their employees to work from home and potentially let go some of them as they could not afford to pay most of their employees appropriately as the country’s economy deescalates. 

Multi level marketing is a marketing strategy that, to put it in the simplest terms, pays people to sell the company’s products according to the sale they have made. It can be easily done by almost anybody even at the comfort of their home. This provides locked up citizens an opportunity to generate more money as a side job, but still requires a lot of attention as if they are working a full-time job as distributors are required to actively seek potential and interested consumers and are paid based on the number of sales they have made. During this pandemic, multi level marketing has seen an increased amount of distributors in the last 5 years as social media allows distributors to seek more consumers with more ease. But with so many distributors to keep track, how does a multi level marketing company keep track of all of them? This is where multi level marketing software comes into play as they offer services that makes their work and communication much easier. 

In order to test their legitimacy and compatibility, multi level marketing software is provided in the websites where the software can be obtained. This helps multi level marketing companies to find the perfect software that would suit their preferences before purchasing the software. Most companies prefer the ability to customize their user interface and widgets to help navigating between sections much easier which allows them to keep track of their distributors’ progress much easier. Some websites provide a list of multi level marketing softwares to help interested companies to read reviews that are left by users to ensure that the softwares is legitimate and trustworthy. If you do not know where to start looking, you can look up on some websites that provide a list of multi level marketing software that are available with some that have a feature that allows you to compare softwares. Additionally, the websites would include features, advantages and disadvantages to notify the users of the feature the software has before they can make their decision. 

Despite all of that, it is regrettable that multi level marketing is a dying industry due to incidents that it has caused by even some of the biggest multi level marketing companies like Amway, Herbalife and LuLaRoe. Both knowledgeable businessmen and victims are working together to form social groups in social media platforms to educate social media users about multi level marketing and help them to recognize jargons to fact check recruiters when they are approached by one of them.

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With the advancement of technology, video games are no longer bound to TVs and consoles as they are accessible through the computer and smartphones. Although it does not have a great variety of games, mobile games offer similar games that could provide entertainment for the interested players like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Mobile Legends offer beginner friendly and faster experience than their competitors on PC for players who are unfamiliar with MOBA games to enjoy with their friends. 

In recent years, a new form of gambling has been formed through video games in the form of “loot boxes” and “gacha”. These two new forms of gambling involve players to use in-game credits to perform a roll to get a randomized item or character. The difference between both of these is loot boxes tend to focus purely on cosmetics with a few exceptions while gacha plays an important role in the game as they contain characters, weapons and upgrades that could boost their characters and progress through the story with ease. Among the two, gacha games are considered to be the worst genre as players are forced to either rely on luck or spending money to get certain characters to progress through the story or to get the characters that are aesthetically pleasing to them. Although they implement a friend support system which allows them to borrow a character from your friend, the players have to wait patiently for when the rate-up of that character will appear again. Genshin Impact is known to have one of, if not, the lowest drop rate for their highest rarity characters sitting at a 0.6% and they compensate the players by giving them a five star at the 90th roll. Despite that, loot boxes have a more significant influence over games even on gacha games themselves as it is the genre that introduced battle passes that most online games are using. Battle passes offer rewards for players who achieve points by playing the game and completing certain tasks, but higher tier rewards can only be achievable by paying a monthly subscription which also offers a boost in progression. 

Some gaming companies would exploit loot boxes as a method of generating more income from their players. Electronic Arts, or EA, has been known for infamously using unethical business practices regarding loot boxes as instead of purely cosmetics, they locked certain characters at a very steep in-game price and forced players to pay money to pay loot boxes just to stand a chance to get these characters. Since they are the company that made the famous FIFA video games every year, they also implemented the same business practice into the latest FIFA games as well which is a different type of judi bola Malaysia players are expecting from. When they were summoned in court, they refuted by stating that loot boxes are “surprise mechanics” which stirred up more hate on the internet.

As video games start to become more popular, more video games will use these unethical methods to attract their players which could lead more children into unintentionally spending money into the games. Parents should start regulating the types of games their children are playing to prevent such cases from happening in the future.

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A clean home makes your mood a lot lighter compared to a messy house. The reason why you need to have a clean home because it is said that when our environment is dirty and in a mess, it affected our mental and emotional state, as well reflect the way we have been handling ongoing things in our life. That is why our moms would normally scream and shouting at us to clean up the house because they are literally affected by it. But right now I am not talking about the normal way of cleaning the house, I am talking about the things that need your attention more, and if you do not focus on these parts, it will generate many upcoming problems in the future. 

The first thing you should check out is your toilet. The toilet is known to be the dirtiest place in your house because we are using it to clean ourselves including defecating. Thus, making sure to scrub and clean the toilet floors. Make sure to grab all the fallen hairs at the drain to avoid blockage. Another thing is to clean the toilet bowl because it attracts germs and bacterias on the surface and can affect other people who will be using it.

The second thing would be your kitchen. The kitchen is not considered dirty, but we fully utilize it for cooking and baking. Sometimes in the process of cooking, the oil in the stove might splash on the floor and other parts in the kitchen. Another thing is, you might spill sweet substances on the floor or maybe on the cabinet in the kitchen that literally attracts ants. Maybe what you can do for your kitchen is by rearranging everything so you could see the place that you have missed to clean, you could also throw away onions and cloves that have gone bad so it does not leave any smells. 

 The last thing is to focus on the outside of the house. What you can do for your porch and the outside of your house includes washing your porch, gather all the dried leaves and throw them away. You can also clean up the drains around your house so you could make sure if it rains heavily, the water can flow through the drains smoothly without getting blocked. The same goes for the roof gutter, if you find any problems with it, you can easily contact Gutter Malaysia for the problems to be solved. Click here to read more articles.

In conclusion, a clean house is the only kind of home you should live in, with no other options. It is not only for outsiders to feel comfortable in our house but it is also for us to live mentally and emotionally happy rather than complaining and whining all the time. Nonetheless, you should get some help if you feel like the work is too much and you need some helpers, you can always call your siblings or friends and ask them to join you with the house cleaning.