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As one pursuing a communication degree in my higher institution, I apprehend best the stigmas the society has initially set upon individuals undertaking communication as university majors or even professions simply because it allegedly involves the less cognitive ability for not being a part of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) spectrum. This very field of interest has largely been undervalued and diminished for as long as I can remember, but little did the society know the essentiality of this precise industry is when it comes to giving significant contributions to the globe.


First, we all require news to be updated on fresh happenings both domestically and internationally, and who do you think are the ones going out of the way to make sure you stay aware of transpiring events; who do you think are the ones transforming visuals into words to ensure smooth comprehension across readers of whom possess a distinct level of language proficiency; and who do you think are the ones making sure what you decipher is credible and trustable to be further distributed to wider audiences. These are merely job dimensions with regards to the journalism field, and the career opportunities available within this massive communication umbrella are significantly wide to an extent with different job dimensions demanded. Suppose you are part of the family, welcome aboard and this article aims to guide you through your job-seeking journey. 


The terminology itself is simply too vague to represent the available job dimensions within its spectrum. Journalism is the process of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information for the public’s awareness; and is divided into various aspects including but not limited to journalist, reporter, editor, public relations manager, and so on in which are assigned individual tasks. Journalists are in charge of researching and writing news articles which are then passed over to the news editor for perusal purposes prior to the publication. Editors’ obligation to scrutinize written articles is significantly crucial as no news agencies wish to mislead their readers over a small mistake depicted. Suppose you lack fondness overwriting, you may need to utilize your speaking and presentation skills by being a news anchor. Not only that, you get to increase your exposure over time for being in front of the broadcast, viewers get to know about you. Fret not if you are poor in presenting information impromptu because scripts are provided by the crew. If these job dimensions align with your passion, you may need to start looking into it. 

Digital Marketing 

Do not get struck by the term “digital” as it has nothing to do with computer science or information technology, perhaps the bare minimum may be involved. Digital marketing too involves numerous sub-dimensions, a few of which being SEO, social media, advertising, copywriting, and content writing. Each has its own assigned task that varies from one another, but the sole purpose here is to increase brand awareness. If you are fairly competent with making full use of the internet and social media, you may want to look into seo company malaysia and relevant digital marketing agencies who provide social media operating and managing services for their clients. Many huge corporates are simply too packed to multitask between their commitments and marketing thus collaborating with these external agencies to help create wonders. Suppose SEO is unfamiliar to your ears, it is none other than the practice of boosting the quality and quantity of website traffic, along with brand exposure through organic search engine results. This can be done through researching keywords that will most likely be utilized by the public when searching on particular goods and services, or simply the words that are put within the search bar. 

Copywriting and content writing, on the other hand, appear to be somewhat similar but largely vary. Copywriting refers to constructing taglines in the most precise yet creative way to capture the attention of the intended market without requiring too much of their time, even as short as skimming through a particular tagline makes it feasible for them to retain the company presence in their mind. Content writing on the other side may require you to write slightly lengthier compared to the former. You write articles of which topic either based on your own intent or upon instructions. Writing grants those who are fond of this activity the platform to avail themselves of their wide vocabulary bank and unleash their grammatical competence to form sophisticated sentences. 


This is to those who have little to no issues speaking on a live broadcast. You can either be a TV host or a radio broadcaster depending on your preference, though both allow you to gain fame over time. One thing you must be equipped with to be part of this category is the capability to create an upbeat atmosphere to attract viewers or audiences. Suppose you are awkward in holding conversations, this may not be the most suitable career for you unless you are willing to practice from now on. Apart from that, you must be able to comfortably engage with your audience whose presence is not in a similar spot as yours. In this very circumstance, you must pretend as if they are there in front of you and interact with them as usual but without direct response. 

Long Story Short

These are merely three career opportunities with regards to the communication industry in which numerous have yet to cover. Bear in mind that the communication field is relatively wide, and you are to identify your skills and talents prior to looking for jobs that are most suitable of yours. You do not wish to be undertaking tasks that you have little to no passion for. You may be demotivated along your way of pursuit, but that is one preconceived notion we as communicators need to debunk. We need to stand sturdy as one to prove society wrong. We prove to them whereby in our absence, there are things that may go sideways. 

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