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As technology starts to advance in recent years, social media apps have become important platforms for people to interact with each other over long distances. With no sight of COVID-19 ending anytime soon, these social media apps have gained an even more prominent role than before as some people are using these apps to extend their help and services to others nearby who cannot perform tasks on their own. With so many social media apps being created left and right, surely some apps like Facebook will not be the only social media platform that every country uses right? 

Well, the best social media companies Malaysia are Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger as most older Malaysians use these social media apps to communicate and post pictures of food and status to keep their friends up-to-date on their current situations while searching for community pages to socialize with other members. Despite Facebook Messenger not considered as its own social media platform, Facebook forces their users to download it on their smartphones as they would otherwise could not communicate with their friends on Facebook if they do not have the app installed. TikTok is also another app that is gaining more usage recently as it works similar to Instagram with users being able to create video content with filters and post it on the platform. However, TikTok has its own unique niche that allows it to stand out from the rest as in some cases, TikTok videos have become a meme that will be used throughout other social media apps. But, it also gained a decline in its reputation due to their private data security being flawed and exposing many of its users’ data to hackers.

Besides that, Japan has its own top social media companies that are different to other countries. As Japan is known for being more conservative than other countries, they do not use social media apps like Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat. They instead use Twitter, Pixiv and Instagram as the alternative to post content. Japan is also known for its animation, or anime, throughout the world such as One Piece, Naruto and Megaman which makes Japan a popular country for virtual art and they would use these social media apps to post arts more often. Additionally, they use their own social messaging app called LINE which functions similarly to WhatsApp with the exception of LINE users having access stickers from popular anime series.

Overall, social media apps can be influenced by the country’s culture as it will affect which social media apps will be used the most in the country. For example, despite WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE and WeChat being available worldwide, WhatsApp is the top most used social messaging app as it is easy to use and more used by others for family and education purposes. However, its service might come to an end when its competitors create features to overtake its lead and become more widely used. No matter how popular a social media app is, it will eventually get taken over by another but only time can tell.

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