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We all remember our first big move into a new apartment. It is an overwhelming process but an exciting one. Your first apartment, own kitchen, and a place to build your dreams. Your first bedroom away from your familial home can hold a lot of precious memories.

From your late-night studies to the first working job, this is where you experience it all. It is crucial and important your room speaks some personality and matches you. A beautiful room at the end of a long, hard day can be enough to cheer you up. 

Oftentimes, our first room is not that luxurious or huge. We can’t afford the top interior design companies in Malaysia to be our assistant (but they can truly transform it, of course) But a compact space does not make designing it impossible. While it is challenging, it is pretty feasible to spruce it up to perfection. You can bring any sort of mystique or vibe to the room depending on you want to decorate it. 

  1. Adorn With Wall Art 

Art is subjective. It can be anything you want. A macrame wall hangers, magazine papers made into a scrapbook, collage of your friends, Pinterest findings up on the wall, or locally made paintings, choices are endless. They can bring a piece of color to your walls and make your room more vibrant. It will keep you engaged and happier as well.  Paintings and posters in different settings and different corners can truly be a hint of transformation. 

  1. Statement Lamp And Mirror 

Mirrors can reflect light. That’s science, right? The reflection of light can brighten up your room and make it seem brighter than usual. Strategic styling with a mirror can bring the vibrance of the room up a notch. Mirrors come in different forms. From a rectangle shape to a cloud shape, you have endless options of mirrors to choose from. Two to three different mirrors in various locations can make the difference you need.

Besides mirrors, another piece of furniture we can use as a statement piece in our room is a Lamp. Keep it minimal or make it extravagant. It is completely up to your taste and style.  A lamp, like mirrors, brightens up your room (Literally). 

  1. Plants, And More Plants 

Plants add greenery and life to your dark cold room. Plants were the rage of 2020, and it still is the rage. People stuck in the pandemic turned to plants to lighten up the room and make it feel more welcoming. Plants by your bedside and on your study table can give a feeling of liveliness. Be careful of your collection of candles as you situate the plant. Whether it is fake plants or real plants, they can all make simple transformations that are much needed. 

  1. Patterned beddings 

Whether it is colorful and embroidered pillows paired with a monochrome bedding set or a patterned duvet with plain pillows. Patterns, colors, and embroidery pops up your bedroom. They say that darker and colorful hues will turn away the eye from the size of the room. It serves its purpose as a distraction to the world. 

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