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A progressive and healthy work culture is important in ensuring well -being in the workplace. A healthy work environment allows employees in an institution to be more motivated, which in turn can be a factor in increasing the excellence of an institution.

Unfortunately, not all places we make a living can provide such a healthy environment. The culture of jealousy with colleagues, bureaucracy in the office, the culture of bias among the top leadership, are among the things we often hear faced by the ‘working class’ society in our country.

There was a time when I was talking to a friend of mine about this issue. At that time, my friend who was working in Penang wanted to know my opinion on politics at work.

He said the politics at his workplace were so tense that he decided to quit his job.

In my opinion, the act of leaving a work environment full of such ‘toxic’ reservoirs was a wise decision taken by him. By leaving that career, I am confident he can forge better success elsewhere healthier.

He who graduated abroad and is a hard worker will definitely succeed in a new place. Logically, of course no one wants to work in a place that burdens the brains and minds of all of us.

Look at how many workers quit their jobs on the grounds of an unconducive and ‘toxic’ workplace. We can just talk to our own friends, there are definitely stories and the same thing happens at their workplace.

Employers Need To Take Serious Attention

Yet to date, no comprehensive action has been taken by employers, including government agencies. Only a counseling center is available for staff convenience. That is only as a solution to the problem of depression that has arisen.

What about the atmosphere at work? Have we managed to provide a conducive workspace with a healthy culture to curb stress and depression problems from occurring? It is better if we avoid such a crisis from happening. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Get Rid Of Bad Culture

It is only right for all of us as Malaysians, to be more progressive in thinking, especially in the workplace. Outdated culture with biased sentiments, a culture of jealousy, a culture that likes to keep the edges of other people’s cloth should be banned. How does Malaysia want to progress if such people become the country’s work machine?

The top leadership should be more proactive in ensuring healthy policies and culture are implemented in the office. Not because we fail to implement a progressive and healthy environment in the workplace, we lose excellent employees. Strategic office location in kl 

Many of my own friends were disappointed with the work culture in Malaysia and moved abroad. So there was a situation where Malaysia lacked skilled manpower so that the government had to appeal to Malaysians who were angry to return to serve the country.

It is good that we are open -minded and see what shortcomings we have in ourselves. Let us not be too arrogant and arrogant by continuing to practice the old culture that we should change in order to benefit all parties.

If we manage to move in a more progressive direction, our workforce will also be happier and certainly more enthusiastic in continuing the struggle to serve our institution. Malaysians need to work together to change this old -fashioned third class mentality for our common good.

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