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The beauty of SEO is that it’s something that anyone can do, and it’s much more accessible than one might think. Rather than spending money on traditional print ads or sponsored posts, investing time and effort into learning SEO basics and possibly purchasing a few tools can result in greater long-term value for the company. Republic, the top SEO in Malaysia, is an acclaimed firm when it comes to organic search. 

Republic, the Top SEO in Malaysia

 Here are a few reasons why one should use organic search to promote their brand.

  1. More Customers through Organic Search

Organic search accounts for 53.3 percent of all web traffic, and 60 percent of marketers say their best leads come from SEO-engaged customers because they are looking for a solution, and the business in question is filling that need by being one of the top results. To be seen by customers, one must be ranked on the first page of Google. Climbing to the top of the page can virtually quadruple the  click-through rate compared to the second place. The traffic is there, and if one ranks for key search words such as ‘dresses Malaysia‘ when the shop is a clothing store, they’ll get the proper customers. 

  1. A Trustworthy Web Experience

The authority one develops is solely dependent on getting to the front page and winning the top spot in a search result. One can have the best answer or resource available, but if users don’t have a good experience once they get on the site, the website will  have a hard time keeping them there.

That’s why technical SEO aspects like page speed, backlinks, and other authority-building elements are so important to a company’s online success. Playing by the guidelines of search engines forces one to keep their site in good form and makes it a regular priority to keep it healthy.

  1. Encourages One to Focus on Customer Experience

When it comes to one’s online experience, optimizing user experience is a key component of SEO that is becoming increasingly important. In 2021, Google prioritized user experience as a ranking factor, combining their new Core Web Vitals with past elements like page speed to determine whether or not the websites are offering a worthwhile engagement. This concept was also used by Featured Snippets and other in-search components, which draw answers, photos, and other useful material onto the search page itself. For enterprises, this simply means that one must concentrate on their consumers’ demands. 

Republic, the Top SEO in Malaysia
  1. Improves Brand Awareness

When one boosts their rankings, one tangential element outside of turning users into customers is overall brand awareness. The more touch points one generates just by getting to the main page and rising closer and closer to the top place, the better. Even if they don’t go into your site, potential buyers will begin to associate the brand with those solutions simply by being there.

This is especially critical if one is competing with other firms for specific search terms. When customers ask inquiries or directly search for the product or service one provides, they want to be at the top of their minds. And if one’s competitors own those searches, those organic sales will almost certainly go to them.

SEO requires endless amounts of patience and a vast understanding of how to optimize something. It is not an easy task and can only be properly completed by professionals. Republic is an SEO agency that specializes in solving a company’s SEO related problems. Republic SEO Malaysia is the number one SEO company in Malaysia. The agency takes over a business’s SEO needs and requirements completely, allowing the business to concentrate on other things. 

Republic, the Top SEO in Malaysia

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