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Did you have a slow internet connection? If so, there are some solutions for you. Read down below: 

1) Use Fiber Internet and Choose Them

It should be slow, apparently you use Unifi Lite (copper, streamyx) or use Unifi Air (cellular). Copper & cellular technology is not fast/stable. Use a reliable Pakej internet TM unifi

Pakej internet TM unifi

Remedy and solutions for this is please use fiber internet. No matter what telco, fiber must be better, faster & more stable.

2) When The Internet Speed at Night Must Be Slow, Unifi Restricts Speed with Pakej Internet TM Unifi

Traffic jam is on your router. Basic routers are not capable of serving many devices

How to solve this problems: Please use a powerful WIFI6 processor router

There are three types of router like TP Link AX20,  Huawei AX3 Quad Core, and ASUS AX55.

3) I Already Use Fiber But The Internet Is Still Slow

Apparently you are using an old low spec laptop. Laptop RAM is not enough, open chrome 2-3 tabs is already crowded.

How to solve: Can upgrade your computer, can add RAM or upgrade wifi receiver, or buy a new computer.

4) I Paid For The 300mbps Package But The Pc Can Only Get 50mbps

Pakej internet TM unifi

PC Master race, CPU power, GPU vicious. RGB lights. But WIFI adapters using USB will not be as satisfactory.

5) Make The Internet Stable 

This method is useful for places where the network signal you are using is unstable. How do you know the signal is unstable? Then, the signal is unstable if it changes frequently.

Instant 3G, intermittent E, H+ and sometimes can get 4G. The default setting (factory setting) for the internet is usually set to ‘automatic’. After that, this makes the signal on our mobile phones always change, and follow whichever signal is stronger.

For example, where you can get an H+signal, but because the E signal is more stable, your mobile phone chooses E. Then your internet will follow the speed of a slow snail. 

6) Download External Apps That Will Boosts Internet 

Then, did you know that there are some applications made specifically to increase the internet speed of your mobile phone? You can download the application from Google Play.

For a list of selected internet speed applications can refer to this post:

List of Internet Speed Apps for Android.

After installing try to open your internet browser to see if there are any changes. It’s not wrong to try isn’t it? How fast is it, you need to try first. 

7) Reset Internet Connection

Sometimes there will be an interruption of your mobile phone’s internet connection with the transmitter tower. This often happens to ‘old mobile phones’ or those that lack RAM/small premise.

To resolve this issue, reset your internet connection by:

  • Delete and reinstall your mobile phone or;
  • Activate airplane mode and for a moment then return to normal mode.

8) Close Background Operations For Unused Applications

If you frequently switch from one apps to another, the previous apps will continue to operate in the background. This will consume your RAM and in turn make your mobile internet slow.

Here’s how to close the background application. Press the recent application menu. This menu is one of the 3 buttons on the bottom of your mobile phone and is usually rectangular in shape.


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echnology can be defined as applications, tools, or processes that improve or simplify aspects of daily life. The vehicle you drive to work is an example of technology that makes your life easier. Or the Internet as a whole can be seen as a technology that has greatly improved our lives.