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As the coronavirus takes over the world, everyone is struggling financially as they are stuck at home with minimal income. Even with the support of the government, most citizens continue to find difficulty in generating income especially for working citizens as working from home has hindered their work efficiency while their company is forced to adjust with the standard operating procedure, making some of their employees to work from home and potentially let go some of them as they could not afford to pay most of their employees appropriately as the country’s economy deescalates. 

Multi level marketing is a marketing strategy that, to put it in the simplest terms, pays people to sell the company’s products according to the sale they have made. It can be easily done by almost anybody even at the comfort of their home. This provides locked up citizens an opportunity to generate more money as a side job, but still requires a lot of attention as if they are working a full-time job as distributors are required to actively seek potential and interested consumers and are paid based on the number of sales they have made. During this pandemic, multi level marketing has seen an increased amount of distributors in the last 5 years as social media allows distributors to seek more consumers with more ease. But with so many distributors to keep track, how does a multi level marketing company keep track of all of them? This is where multi level marketing software comes into play as they offer services that makes their work and communication much easier. 

In order to test their legitimacy and compatibility, multi level marketing software is provided in the websites where the software can be obtained. This helps multi level marketing companies to find the perfect software that would suit their preferences before purchasing the software. Most companies prefer the ability to customize their user interface and widgets to help navigating between sections much easier which allows them to keep track of their distributors’ progress much easier. Some websites provide a list of multi level marketing softwares to help interested companies to read reviews that are left by users to ensure that the softwares is legitimate and trustworthy. If you do not know where to start looking, you can look up on some websites that provide a list of multi level marketing software that are available with some that have a feature that allows you to compare softwares. Additionally, the websites would include features, advantages and disadvantages to notify the users of the feature the software has before they can make their decision. 

Despite all of that, it is regrettable that multi level marketing is a dying industry due to incidents that it has caused by even some of the biggest multi level marketing companies like Amway, Herbalife and LuLaRoe. Both knowledgeable businessmen and victims are working together to form social groups in social media platforms to educate social media users about multi level marketing and help them to recognize jargons to fact check recruiters when they are approached by one of them.

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