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infoFebruary 9, 20215min00

The cases of Corona Virus in Malaysia have arisen so bad that our country is one of the highest countries to have large numbers for Corona Virus. Although the government has announced the lockdowns and the restriction movements control so many times, most Malaysians are done listening because they do not see the outcome from it, the number increases day by day,  people and doctors are dying, there are not sufficient facilities to placed new patients fro Corona Virus is Kuala Lumpur. But people have learned so many things at home including buying things online. But what are the essential things we can buy online?

The first thing you can buy online is groceries. Normally we would buy groceries such as gluten free bread Malaysia products and also vegetables from supermarkets and morning markets because things are just fresh like that and we get to choose what we want. But now it is quite dangerous to go out, or even have physical interaction with anyone. Thus, many supermarkets have taken the initiative to have online shopping for groceries to ease their customers in making purchases and getting their groceries at home. Now, everyone can cook and explore their passions in cooking without having to go and buy groceries outside.

The second essential thing you can buy online from Shopee and Lazada, and probably other online platforms you can find in Malaysia is clothes and undergarments. The government did mention which sectors are allowed to working during this lockdown. Hence, although there are some stores that run like normal, most of them are closed because they do not want to take any risk, and I mean that is okay. But how about you? How are you going to get your clothes and undergarments, or maybe Lansinoh mother care essentials for people who are getting new baby, they must need new things for the mother and baby. 

Last but not least, while most people are busy painting and cooking, some of us like to do our own DIY, decorating their house and changing their furnitures. But most of the furniture stores are all closed? There are many similar decorations you can find on Shopee and Lazada, you can also check out the descriptions and reviews if you are scared of the results or if you thought they might be a scam. Most of the reviews are also reliable and true. Thus, I do not think you have anything to worry about on it. 

To summarize, the transformation of technologies in our country have, somehow changes the way we live and makes everything easier as well for us. If not, we would not be able to shop, getting groceries online, and it would definitely be chaotic without having online shopping during this pandemic. If you have not tried all these online shopping mobile applications, well you should Because you would definitely get addicted to eating and getting unnecessary stuff from it that might just make you look bored. Not to forget, online shopping gives your more reward and deals compared to other supermarkets. Read this article, if you are interested in the presence of the Internet.

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