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Before getting your first sex toys purchased, here are the types of sex toys out there and what is their purpose.

There are many sex toys out there until you can’t count them with your fingers. Different sex toys have different purposes. When getting one, pick the one that suits you better.


First up, we have dildos. The dildo looks like a penis. It either comes with a silicon, plastic or glass material. The purpose of a dildo is intended to be used during sexual penetration in the mouth, vagina or anus. Individuals can use it during masturbation or sexual intercourse. Not just that, there are many types of dildos out there that come in different shapes and sizes. To get the best dildos in Malaysia, try getting a Secret Cherry dildo.


A fleshlight is designed as a masturbatory aid typically for men. What makes this better than masturbating in the traditional hand (with your hand), is that the feeling of fleshlight comes as close as it can get to simulate a real vagina. The fleshlight comes in vaginal, anus and mouth form. Each has its own set of purposes. There is also vibrator fleshlight to give more satisfaction for men during masturbation or sex.


There is one type of dildo that is designed specifically for anal penetration which is buttplugs. Buttplugs is a great way to experiment with anal play. The first step of getting a full thrusting in and out anal penetration is by letting your body get used to it is by training it by inserting butt plugs. The difference between a dildo and a buttplug is that a dildo is meant for going in and out. As for buttplugs, they are meant to go in only.


Cockrings is a ring that is designed to wear around the penis or testicles to make erection harder, bigger and longer-lasting because they constrict the blood flow in the blood vessel. Not only that, it also makes the penis more sensitive. There are also vibrator cockrings. This is good during sex as the vibrating sensation can stimulate both the wearer and the receiver.


There are different types of vibrators out there. They are wand vibrators, rabbit vibrators and clitoral vibrators. Each of the vibrators has their own set of purposes. But here, we will be explaining clitoral vibrators. The clitoral vibrators are designed for those who like clitoral stimulation. It is also said that vibrators can help increase sexual pleasure and achieve orgasm faster. Good for masturbation and foreplay. 

Anal Beads

This is like buttplugs but 10 times kinkier. Anal beads are designed to insert into the anus, and then pull it out. When the sphincter opens up and closes, it gives out a sensation. Since the anal area is tender and sensitive, removing the anal beads will result in stimulating the sensitive nerves which can increase sexual pleasure.

Different sex toys have their own use. Although there are still many sex toys that we can cover, we are going to end here. To find out more about sex toys, visit your local sex shop to get professional advice from them.

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