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All are quite intuitive to use, easy to use, and have few buttons, usually 3 buttons, one to turn on and off, and the other to change vibration speed or mode. For its ignition it is recommended. Keep the button pressed for about 5 seconds.

Some brands of vibrating egg

Several brands are highlighted, for example shots toys, which has a wide variety of erotic eggs, with different sizes, very vivid colours, all of them with wireless remote control, and some of them serve to stimulate the g-spot distinguishes them very easily, since the end has a curved shape, it serves to easily locate the g-spot, they are very pleasant, since they provide extra value, due to their intense stimulation.

To change the batteries of the remote control of this brand, you have to use a small screwdriver, to unscrew, the four screws, and thus be able to change the batteries, do it carefully, and with the appropriate screwdriver, so as not to damage the star screw in any case, both the batteries of the vibrating egg, and the batteries of the remote control, are included. In addition, they are totally submersible, super powerful, and have 10 vibration modes, its deluxe line presents us with metallic colours, which make it more elegant, it is already designed to make a special gift.

Different materials vibrating egg

You can find some vibrating egg, they do not have vibration, it is a ball with an oval shape, but smaller, which is used to introduce inside your body, it could be compared to Chinese balls, they serve the same purpose, to reinforce the pelvic floor, but instead of having the round shape of a ball, it is somewhat oval in shape, and instead of being a pair of spheres, it is just an oval-shaped sphere. As in the vast majority of erotic toys with vibration, it is advised to remove the batteries when the 情趣用品 is not in use, it is recommended, to prevent them from discharging, or to prevent them from being damaged inside the toy.

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