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A clean home makes your mood a lot lighter compared to a messy house. The reason why you need to have a clean home because it is said that when our environment is dirty and in a mess, it affected our mental and emotional state, as well reflect the way we have been handling ongoing things in our life. That is why our moms would normally scream and shouting at us to clean up the house because they are literally affected by it. But right now I am not talking about the normal way of cleaning the house, I am talking about the things that need your attention more, and if you do not focus on these parts, it will generate many upcoming problems in the future. 

The first thing you should check out is your toilet. The toilet is known to be the dirtiest place in your house because we are using it to clean ourselves including defecating. Thus, making sure to scrub and clean the toilet floors. Make sure to grab all the fallen hairs at the drain to avoid blockage. Another thing is to clean the toilet bowl because it attracts germs and bacterias on the surface and can affect other people who will be using it.

The second thing would be your kitchen. The kitchen is not considered dirty, but we fully utilize it for cooking and baking. Sometimes in the process of cooking, the oil in the stove might splash on the floor and other parts in the kitchen. Another thing is, you might spill sweet substances on the floor or maybe on the cabinet in the kitchen that literally attracts ants. Maybe what you can do for your kitchen is by rearranging everything so you could see the place that you have missed to clean, you could also throw away onions and cloves that have gone bad so it does not leave any smells. 

 The last thing is to focus on the outside of the house. What you can do for your porch and the outside of your house includes washing your porch, gather all the dried leaves and throw them away. You can also clean up the drains around your house so you could make sure if it rains heavily, the water can flow through the drains smoothly without getting blocked. The same goes for the roof gutter, if you find any problems with it, you can easily contact Gutter Malaysia for the problems to be solved. Click here to read more articles.

In conclusion, a clean house is the only kind of home you should live in, with no other options. It is not only for outsiders to feel comfortable in our house but it is also for us to live mentally and emotionally happy rather than complaining and whining all the time. Nonetheless, you should get some help if you feel like the work is too much and you need some helpers, you can always call your siblings or friends and ask them to join you with the house cleaning. 

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